Free to Design, Free to Learn

EE Emerge at UC Davis

In EE-Emerge student teams conceive, design and build interactive electronic systems to appeal to the general public. EE-Emerge offers participants the opportunity to develop and apply their basic electrical and computer engineering principles to create an interactive technology exhibit accessible to the general public.
In the Fall EE-Emerge participants define the scope of the exhibits, design teams are formed, and they explore critical elements and decide on final exhibit pieces. During the Winter quarter the electronic systems are implemented and tested for demonstration in early Spring during Picnic Day.
EE-Emerge is primarily for engineering majors in their junior year with an interest in computer engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Sophomores are allowed to participate.

Our EE-Emerge team, Gardroid (Garden-Droid), worked to create a robotic hexapod (6 legged machine) that is capable of measuring soild data using sensors and planting seeds in the ground while being controlled using a Playstation 3 remote. The Gardroid also emits a private network over which it transfers the soil readings it measures to a computer so that they may be saved to a database.